Dos and Don’ts for Renters

When you first sign up for an apartment, you might be excited about the prospect of settling down and making your new home feel like your own. However, it’s more often than not a difficult process because many renters have no idea what to expect when looking for a rental property. Here are the dos and don’ts for renters.



  1. Have insurance for your belongings

The first thing you should do when moving into a rental property is to have insurance for all of your belongings. This includes your furniture and appliances and any other belongings you plan to take with you. Ensure you have adequate insurance in case of theft, vandalism, or fire. You may want to purchase renter’s insurance if your landlord does not provide it.


  1. Read the tenancy agreement

If you have not received a tenant agreement from your landlord, read it carefully before moving in. It will detail the rules about pets, smoking, rent payments, and all your responsibilities as a renter. You may even want to make a copy of the agreement and keep it in your files, so there are no surprises when you move out.


  1. Ask if you want to redecorate

While you are in the process of settling into your apartment, don’t forget to ask if you may redecorate. It may be your landlord’s way of renting for a cheaper price, but it might mean you will have to repaint and reupholster all your furniture. However, this is an opportunity for you and yourself to enjoy the process and make some money while doing it.


  1. Don’t abuse the privilege of having pets

Landlords may allow pets, which is great for pet owners but also means you will probably have to deal with some pet damage. It is important to always clean up after your pet and make sure that it does not chew or scratch any furniture or stain carpets. If your pet does have an accident, you should hire a carpet cleaner yourself. Go to will probably also have to pay an extra pet deposit or two each month when you move in.



  1. Sign the inventory if not pleased

While your landlord gives you a thorough tour of the apartment, you probably already know what it looks like. Don’t sign the inventory if you are dissatisfied with what you see. Remember – it is a legal document that can be used in court, so if something is missing or damaged, write it down and take pictures of anything that has been damaged before moving in.


  1. Don’t ignore the rules

It is best to keep a positive relationship with your landlord and follow all of the rules of your tenancy agreement. It is your duty to pay rent on time, keep the property clean and not damage any parts of the building. You can even make friends with your landlord by always acting professional and polite.


  1. Don’t make major renovations

When you move into your rental unit, you are allowed to make some small renovations to the building. We suggest you only do something during the holiday season if it is a small project that will not take over your time. Also, make sure that you don’t decide to renovate the entire unit if you have no idea how to do it. This is a very expensive mistake and can even result in the termination of your tenancy agreement.


Renting an apartment is not as complicated as it used to be a few decades ago. However, people who rent should take the time to understand all the responsibilities of moving into a rental property. They will know what to expect in case of damages, extra fees, and any potential problems that might occur in your relationship with your landlord. These rules and tips can help you have a great experience renting an apartment for years or just a few months before moving again.

Here’s more helpful info:

Tips for Keeping Happy Tenants in Your Rental Property

It is a lot harder for you to get new tenants than it is for you to keep your current ones. The best thing that you can do to retain tenants is to keep them happy. You can keep your tenants happy by doing the following.

Fulfill Maintenance Requests Quickly

One of the reasons that tenants get frustrated with their landlord is because it takes too long to get the repairs done. That is why it is important for you to fulfill maintenance requests as soon as you can. You may also want to offer things like carpet cleaning or professional cleaning. This may give them an incentive to renew their lease.

Go Over the Lease With Your Tenants

Many tenants do not know exactly what is expected of them. There may be things in their lease that they do not understand. That is why it is a good idea for you to go over it with them. You should also tell your tenants that they can ask questions if there is something that they need clarification on.

Encourage Tenants to Sign a Longer Lease

Every tenant has different rental needs. There are some tenants who only need a place for a few months. However, if you have a tenant who does not plan on moving, then you should encourage them to sign a longer lease. You should also give them a discount for signing a longer lease.

Send Out Reminders When the Rent Is Due

People today are busy. That is why even if a person knows that their rent is due on a certain date each month, they still may forget to pay. You can make things easier for your tenants by sending out a reminder a few days before the due date. You should also waive the late fee if the tenant has consistently paid on time.

Keep Everyone Safe

Safety is one of the most important things that tenants look for in a property. You should do everything that you can to stay safe. Make sure that the property is well-lit. You can also hire a security guard.

Reward Your Tenants

Everyone loves rewards. There are several ways that you can reward your tenants for staying. For example, you can give them a gift card when they sign their lease.

Enforce the Rules

Rules help everyone live in peace. You should encourage everyone to follow the rules and make sure that they are enforced. There should also be swift consequences for anyone who decides to disregard the rules.