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Bob Chapman
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FREE Home Value Estimate – Comparative Market Analysis!

Most other websites that provide a FREE home value “estimate”(comparative market analysis – CMA) or real estate home market value calculator, only search Tax Records to get information in order to check property value on your home and the selling prices of comparable property, to find home value and calculate estimated fair market value.

This data may or may not be current or accurate. Items such as square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and most important – any upgrades or remodeling that may have been completed on your real estate will most likely not be accurate. Therefore you do not receive a true valuation of your home.

My site does not provide an “Online” market value calculator. Please take a moment to read the following information to find out why!

Free Home Market Valuation - CMA - Washington Real Estate Page

Because of those inaccuracies, a high percentage of the house market value reports, that the public receives from home value online sources, may not represent true resale market value of your home or property and may be way under or way over priced.

Most online free home value estimate finders do not take into account real estate values in current market conditions, good or bad, when determining an estimate of home value or home equity. You need reliable information in order to make a sound decision on selling or refinancing your home.

I believe in personally visiting your home to obtain first hand knowledge of the features your home or land has to offer.

By performing this FREE house value report as a professional service, at no cost or obligation, I will provide you with a more accurate real estate value.

If you may be interested in having a real estate professional, Bob Chapman, a Windermere real estate broker/agent and Realtor®, provide you with a CMA FREE property value estimate, even if it is just to find out your home equity –

Please call me @ 425-268-2940, for a FREE home value estimate or send me an e-mail via my Contact Me page.

You may not want to sell or list your home or land right now – That is OK! I want to build relationships for the future.


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